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Elderly Woman Receives A $175,000 Settlement for Trip and Fall Accident

Trip and Fall Case Summary

A 76-year-old woman was involved in a trip and fall accident due to an uneven sidewalk, resulting in a fracture of her arm that required surgical intervention and extensive rehabilitation. She could fully recover without any limitations or restrictions to her injured limb. Our firm successfully negotiated a settlement of $175,000 on behalf of the client.

Type of Personal Injury Claim

This matter pertained to a trip and fall personal injury case in which our client, the plaintiff, sought financial compensation for her injuries.

Key Case Issues

The primary questions in this case were:

  • Determining who was responsible for the trip and fall accident.
  • Assessing the value of the injury to an older individual.

Significant Case Challenges

The elderly age of the client created challenging implications for successfully winning this case. Insurance companies tend to have a bias against older people in that they feel that serious injuries to older people should be compensated differently than the same injuries to a younger person. Often, insurance companies will try to compensate elderly accident victims for less than if they were younger.

Case Outcome

We were able to successfully secure a settlement on behalf of the client and she was highly satisfied with the outcome. The settlement took into account the client’s pain and suffering, regardless of her age. A financial agreement was reached between the parties, with the client receiving $175,000 for her trip and fall incident. While age is an important factor in a case, anyone injured regardless of age is entitled to be fairly compensated for injuries.

Do you need a sidewalk accident lawyer on Long Island?

You may be eligible to receive financial compensation after a trip and fall accident. It is crucial to have a sidewalk accident lawyer on Long Island by your side to ensure that you receive fair financial compensation. The Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel, P.C. can help guide you through the complex legal process that follows a trip and fall accident.

Does my age give me any advantage in a trip and fall personal injury case?

Individuals over the age of 70 are given priority and their case is moved to the front of the queue for cases waiting for trial.

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