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Personal Injury Law FAQ

From The Law Offices Of Elan Wurtzel

Common Personal Injury Questions

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What types of compensation am I eligible to receive?

The Law Offices Of Elan Wurtzel pursue the maximum available financial compensation for past medical bills, costs of continued medical care, lost income, diminished earning capacity, disability, disfigurement, emotional anxiety, and pain and suffering damages.

Is there a deadline for filing a personal injury lawsuit?

New York imposes a strict statute of limitations for filing your personal injury claim. Do not delay in seeking qualified representation. If you miss the deadline, you may permanently forfeit your right to recover the financial compensation you deserve.

Should I contact an attorney before accepting the offer from my insurance company?

Always seek the advice of a qualified lawyer before accepting the insurance company’s offer. Insurance companies often offer less than the full value of your claim. Once you sign a waiver, you give up the opportunity to pursue additional damages.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

To help The Law Offices Of Elan Wurtzel accurately assess your case, bring as many relevant documents as you have available — including photographs of the accident scene, doctors’ reports, lab results, mechanics’ quotes, income statements, and witnesses’ contact information.

What if I cannot afford an attorney to file my personal injury lawsuit?

The Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel will handle your case on contingency — meaning you do not pay our attorney’s fees until we recover damages in your case through a trial verdict or settlement agreement.

How can I learn more about my rights?

To learn more about your rights after an injury, call New York personal injury lawyer Law Offices Of Elan Wurtzel at 516-822-7866 / toll-free at 800-972-8144 or contact us here on our website to schedule your free case review and consultation.


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