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The Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel and the people of Nassau County, NY, have shared a deep connection with Elan Wurtzel. As a Nassau County personal injury lawyer, he has relentlessly provided our clients with excellent legal service in a successful career that has spanned over 30 years. Wurtzel’s effective approach and passionate drive is what makes him one of the most popular personal injury lawyers in Nassau County.

Great Reviews for Great Nassau County Personal Injury Lawyers

With our expertise, team-work, and client-focused practice, we have been able to deliver multi-million dollar compensations for our clients on several claims. Our team is led by Elan Wurzel, a passionate Nassau County personal injury lawyer with over 30 years of experience. In addition to personal injury lawyers, we provide: Nassau County real estate attorneys, traffic court lawyers, divorce lawyers, family court lawyers, landlord tenant lawyers, and estate planning lawyers.

Nassau County’s Personal Injury Lawyer: Getting to Know Elan Wurtzel

Elan Wurtzel grew up as an active member of the Speaker’s Bureau and had lots of opportunities to help people overcome their challenges. These events inspired Elan to study law and dedicate his practice to helping people get access to justice and improve their overall wellbeing. This passionate and noble pursuit has earned Elan Wurtzel a deserved place among one of the most popular personal injury lawyers in Nassau County, NY.

Chris M. had this to say after a long fierce legal battle to get personal injury compensation for his child:

“Elan is a professional, thorough and courteous lawyer. His services are rendered efficiently and promptly. I highly recommend him!”

What Does Personal Injury Law Cover?

By far the most subdivided category, the personal injury law practice is a very vibrant area where the Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel have represented hundreds of clients and obtained multi-million dollar compensations in court and out-of-court settlements.


Every Victim Should Be Advocated For & Compensated Fairly

Samantha M., one of our esteemed clients could not hold back as she gave her touching words of commendation to Elan:

“I recommended Elan to my assistant after her car accident. Elan did a great job with her case and she couldn’t stop praising him. I also recommended him to my brother after he got into a car accident out of state. Even though he wasn’t able to take the case because it happened in Florida, he gave my brother great advice on the steps he needed to take. I will always recommend Elan to everyone I know … he’s a great lawyer.”

We will aggressively pursue your car accident claim or any other personal injury claim in Nassau County, NY to give you the justice you deserve. Let us be your Nassau County car accident lawyer!

Do Personal Injury Lawyers Work on Contingency?

We can work based on contingency payments. We pride ourselves in our diligence, technical expertise, and hard work. You may decide not to make any payment until we have obtained compensation for your injury.

The Real Estate Attorney of Nassau County, NY

Elan Wurtzel has represented more than 300 clients in their purchase or sale of real estate properties in New York. Our expertise does not only apply to the laws of Nassau County, but  but through the New York real estate market. Whether you are an prospective homeowner or you are moving from Nassau County to a different place in the country, Elan Wurtzel has the required knowledge and experience to represent you as your Nassau County NY real estate attorney.

We Maintain Contact With Our Clients

B.J. who used to own a house in Plainview, now in Virginia commented:

“Elan represented me when I sold my house after I moved down to Virginia. He negotiated for me whenever issues came up, and guided me through all the steps I need to do without ever setting foot in New York. When I needed the documentation a few months after the deal, he searched for the documents immediately. No such thing as “Let me get back to you tomorrow!” I would be comfortable with employing him for another transaction if I had a chance (although that may not happen now that I moved out of the state). Highly recommended!”

We have represented many clients as their Nassau County Landlord-Tenant Lawyer. Would you rather go into a Nassau County home deal without a Nassau County, NY real estate lawyer?

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Nassau County Estate Planning Lawyer in New York

Executing a will or trust is an important step for people who desire that their possessions be distributed in the exact way they want.

Defining Your Estate Wishes in Compliance With Complex Laws

Your best bet is working with an experienced estate planning lawyer from the Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel. A Nassau County household name in the area of estate planning.

Nassau County Family Court Lawyer

Having legal issues within a family or going through a divorce is a delicate process for both parties. Get in touch with a trusted family court lawyer in Nassau County, NY, to represent you in the family court and other divorce-related issues.

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Personal Injury Legal Services in Nassau County

  • We provide personal injury legal services to Nassau County residents on contingency and non-contingency arrangements.
  • We provide real estate representation for clients seeking to move in and out of Nassau County, NY.
  • We offer thorough and well-researched legal advice for parties planning to execute wills and trusts in Nassau County, NY.
  • We provide family law advice and court representation for parties going through divorce.

Hear what we have been up to

I received your check regarding my husband’s accident. Thank you for all the help you gave to me. I just wish my husband were here to receive the money because he would have had the enjoyment of spending it on other people. That was his life, making people happy. I can’t put into words how much I miss him and my life will never be the same without him. For a man of your age, I found you very compassionate and I felt your sincerity. Forgive me for crying on your shoulder, but I know you understand.
Eleanor T.

Just used Elan again as my wife and I had to get our wills, power of attorney, and a bunch of other legal documents taken care of. This is more difficult then it seems, because it forces you and your spouse to really ask the VERY tough what if questions….what would you want done IF this happened. Elan walked my wife and myself through every document and made us feel at ease during the process. He made us confront what we were avoiding and now we know our wishes will be taken care of and have peace of mind. Elan, thank you for helping us sell our home and buy a new home a few years ago, and thank you again for helping my family with all of these important documents. Amazing Lawyer, Amazing Person and that’s why you choose Elan!

Ian T.

Elan was a great choice for closing on our home on Long Island. As newbies to the home buying process we felt looked after and well informed throughout the process and Elan was always quick to respond to any inquiry we had. We felt especially lucky to have him with us on the day of closing. He’s sharp, straightforward, easy to talk to, extremely responsive and I would highly recommend him.

Corrine D.

Access Our Top Quality Legal Services

The Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel offers dedicated and result-oriented legal services to clients in:


Brooklyn, NY


Queens, NY


Bronx, NY


New York, NY

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Looking for a Personal Injury Lawyer in Nassau County?

With its physical office in Plainview, the Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel have been able to extend its reach throughout Nassau County, NY — establishing a dedicated line of support staff and legal professional services to existing and prospective clients.

Our Practice Areas in Nassau County, NY?

The Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel has a wide coverage of the law practice in Nassau County, NY.

Our three major areas of core competence are:

  1. Personal Injury Law
  2. Real Estate Law
  3. Estate Planning
  4. Family Law/Divorce

Let Us Be Your Nassau County Personal Injury Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel in Nassau County, we guarantee that our clients will always have the first and softest place in our hearts. Get in touch with an experienced Nassau County personal injury lawyer and get the best representation you deserve.

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