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A consultation with an attorney can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. This is only compounding existing stress if you are consulting an attorney regarding an accident in which you have suffered an injury. Our immediate goal is to ensure you that you are in good hands and to alleviate the stress from both the accident and the consultation.

The purpose of a consultation is to review all of the facts including the accident, your injury and how your life has been impacted by each of them. Going through all of these details will help us get a better idea about your potential claim and what your options may be. In order to get a comprehensive view of what has happened, there are several pieces of information that you should have ready for your consultation. These pieces of information include:

Your driver’s license

Your health insurance card and information

Your automobile insurance card

Police Report

All correspondence you received related to the accident, including from any insurance company

All medical bills you have received for treatment related to the accident

All photographs you have related to the accident

Any pay stub or other documentation related to your earning capacity prior to the accident


Other information that you will want to have available includes:


Names and addresses of all parties involved in the case
Names and addresses of any witnesses to the actual accident
Contact information for the insurance companies involved, including any insurance adjusters that you have been in contact with.
Names and addresses of all doctors, hospitals, ambulance services, or any other medical services you received as a result of the accident.

We know that the time after an accident is not easy and we hope to make this process as stress-free as possible. Having all of this information as soon as possible will assist us in being able to evaluate your situation and be able to advise you on your potential claim.

To schedule a free consultation with us, call Elan’s office at 516-822-7866.

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