Beware of Your Surroundings

When people think about personal injury, they general think about things like a slip or trip and fall, a construction site accident or a car accident. There are cases of personal injury that stem from places you would never think about. Shopping in a retail store, you don’t generally think about personal injury, nor should you walk around thinking about it. However, you should be aware of the possibilities that are all around you.

If you have been to any of these warehouse sized retail stores you have seen aisle upon aisle of shelves that reach all the way to ridiculously high ceilings. There are usually signs clearly posted telling customers not to reach to the high shelves and absolutely do not use the ladders you see all over for employees to reach those high shelves.

These stores have a lot of employees who stock the shelves and help the customers. These employees are doing their best to make sure you can find and get the items that you need. This means rushing to get the shelves stocked up. Even with the best of intentions and careful packing, you have boxes lined up, corners push up against each other, or items are pushed when other customers who came before you moved some stuff around. You may not be able to see a precarious situation if the boxes are on a shelf out of your line of sight. If you can’t see the items on a shelves, don’t reach up and start moving things or you can wind up with heavy boxes crashing down around you and even on top of you.

You can never be sure if the employees stocked the shelves safely or correctly. Even if they did, you can’t be sure how often they come back to make sure the shelves are still safe throughout the day. Keep yourself and your family safe. Don’t make any assumptions about the safety of the shelves or the position of the items on the shelves. If you have to reach up over your head, call a store employee to come and do it for you. They have the tools and equipment they need to keep them safe, which you do not have access to.


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