What To Do After A Slip And Fall Accident In Long Island New York


No one relishes the prospect of being involved in a slip and fall event. The pain, embarrassment, and frustration in such scenarios entail only compound the often life-changing impact of the injuries sustained. When harm of this nature is directly traceable to the negligence of another party, it is important for victims in New York and Long Island to remember that they are entitled to fight for justice and compensation.

Slip and fall events can develop due to a wide range of hazardous, frequently preventable situations, including unreasonably slick flooring surfaces, cracked walkways, poor lighting, the absence of stair railings, accumulations of ice and more.

The locations in which these risks can arise are similarly great in number, with office buildings, apartment complexes, school facilities, supermarkets, dining establishments and other publicly-accessible places among them.

Statutes Of Limitations In Long Island, New York

Statutes of limitations are laws which say how long, after certain events, a case may be started based on those events. The time periods in which to make claims are incredibly complex and vary based on the nature of the claim, the location of the claim and the identity of the person/organization responsible.

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Steps To Take Following A Slip And Fall Event On Long Island or NYC

Injury victims should bear in mind that in order to prevail in a slip and fall complaint, they will need to establish a series of things. First, they must demonstrate that at the time of injury, a physical condition existed that presented an unreasonable risk of harm.

It must be established that the person in possession or charged with responsibility for the location in question knew or should have known of the situation. Then, a plaintiff will have to show that the responsible party was in fact negligent in not remedying or warning of the risk, meaning that they owed a duty to do so and breached it.

Finally, there must be a demonstrable link between the dangerous condition cited and the specific injuries claimed. In order to successfully present each of these elements, there are some important steps injury victims should take immediately following their slip and fall.

Because available financial compensation in a slip and fall case will depend on the amount and quality of evidence presented by the claimant, those who suffer harm in this way should make every effort to:

  • seek immediate medical care of injuries
  • report the accident to the police and the person/organization responsible for the area
  • capture photos of the scene and any visible hazards or defects
  • obtain names and contact information for the manager or owner of the property at issue
  • speak to all eyewitnesses to the event
  • avoid making statements regarding personal fault or responsibility for what occurred
  • avoid providing recorded statements to insurance company personnel

The actions taken in the days, weeks and months following a slip and fall accident can make all the difference in a claimant’s ability to secure the financial recovery they deserve. Because a slip and fall event has the potential to produce lasting, profound physical and emotional harm, it is crucial to do everything possible to maximize the likelihood of substantial compensation.

Following the steps described above can go a long way toward ensuring that injury victims and their families can receive payment for things such as medical bills, lost wages, therapy and rehabilitation expenses, reduction in earning capacity and more. In many cases, it is also possible to secure an award meant to compensate for the pain, emotional distress and overall suffering that has resulted from a Long Island, NY property owner’s negligence.

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