Parking Lot Safety On Long Island During The Winter Weather

Parking Lot Safety During the Winter Weather On Long Island

Safety should always be a concern, but it’s especially important when in a parking lot. This is even truer during the winter months when there are weather-related challenges.

Parking lot accidents are extremely common. According to CBS News, reporting on information from the National Safety Council, at least 60,000 are injured and 500 or more die in the 50,000 plus crashes that occur in parking lots and garages every year.

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What are some of the things you can do to ensure your safety when dealing with winter weather in parking lots?

Protect Against Falls

One of the main causes of slip and fall accidents in parking lots is ice and snow. Add to that risk poor lighting, the attention you must pay to vehicles in the area, and your own unique needs, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

It’s not hard to imagine how likely you are to fall if you are making your way through a dimly lit parking lot, watching for vehicles, and you hit a slippery patch. If you struggle to maintain balance normally or you’re even the slightest bit clumsy, you could be seriously injured.

Tips for Walking Safely in a Parking Lot In Your Local town On Long Island, NY

Luckily, there are a few things you can do when walking through a parking lot during the winter to reduce the odds you’ll fall.

First, make sure you’re wearing appropriate footwear. You might be able to run to the store in flip-flops or sandals when the weather is nice, but in the winter you need flat-soled snow boots or shoes with good tread. This is true even if it hasn’t recently snowed. You never know when a random puddle could freeze over and cause a slick spot.

Next, pay attention as you make your way to and from your vehicle in the parking lot. Your focus should be 100 percent on walking and on what’s going on around you, so put away your phone and watch where you’re going.

Finally, be defensive when it comes to vehicles in the area. Try to make eye contact with drivers before crossing in front of their vehicles. If you have any suspicion a driver hasn’t noticed you, stop walking until they come to a full stop.

Also be sure you move carefully behind vehicles that might be backing out of parking spaces. Keep in mind vehicles might not be completely cleared of snow before being driven, which means drivers have more blind spots than usual.

Tips for Driving Safely in a Parking Lot In Your Local town On Long Island, NY

Walking isn’t the only time you’re at risk in a parking lot. It’s also important to drive carefully when you’re surrounded by other vehicles and pedestrians.

Most of the time, parking lot owners will make an effort to promote a safe environment – they’re legally responsible for doing so. Make sure you follow the posted speed limit signs and lane designations. As tempting as it might be to cut across empty parking lanes, avoid doing so. This is even more important during the winter months when snow banks from a plowed lot reduce visibility.

Finally, make sure your focus is on driving. Clear your vehicle of snow and ice and adjust your mirrors before pulling out of a parking space. The better you’re able to see the less risk there is for an accident.

Nothing makes a parking lot completely risk free, but following these tips during the winter months will make you safer.

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