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Pedestrian Personal Injury Settlement: $450,000

NYC Pedestrian Hit By Car Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road

A 58-year-old man, while crossing the street in Lower Manhattan, was struck by a car driving on the wrong side of the road, suffering knee and foot injuries. He recovered $450,000 with the help of our auto accident personal injury legal services.

Main Issues

In this legal case, the main issue revolved around auto accident liability. The driver believed that the pedestrian was walking while the walking light was red and should not have been in the street. But an eyewitness recalled that the pedestrian was in the crosswalk while the light was green and the driver was driving on the wrong side of the road.

Notable Case Challenges

Our client was reluctant to follow his doctors’ medical advice. He continued to work when his doctor advised him not to. This behavior negatively affected his auto accident personal injury case since it downplayed the seriousness of his injury.

Personal Injury Case Outcome

Our client won fair compensation for his auto accident injuries. Our client was pleased with the $450,000 settlement. We came to these terms with the opposing party after we successfully conducted a legal mediation.

Auto Advice For You

Anyone who is hit by a car, or in any type of personal injury auto accident, should strictly follow the doctors’ medical care advice. Not only is this important to not make your injuries worse, but by not following the advice of your doctor you can damage your legal case.

Disregarding medical advice could make it harder for your personal injury lawyer to argue a solid case against the opposing legal party. Furthermore, if you win the case, not following medical advice could reduce the settlement amount that you will receive.

Can I be compensated for lost wages if I can’t document the lost wages?
No, you will not be compensated for wages you can’t document. You need to be able to accurately document time lost from work, plus the number of wages lost. If you are unable to do so, you will not be able to claim this compensation.
How long does a case take from start to finish?
Most cases take two to three years from start to finish. If a trial is required, it could take longer. This is particularly the case with delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Have you been in an Auto Accident in New York?

You may be eligible to receive financial compensation after an auto accident. It is important to have an auto accident personal injury lawyer by your side to ensure that you receive fair financial compensation.

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