Dear Friends & Clients,

I hope this finds you safe and healthy. As you know, the spread of Coronoavirus in New York and across the country has raised challenges for all New Yorkers, including my office and the New York Court System. With everyone’s cooperation we expect to get through this trying time. Below are some recent updates and FAQfrom the Nassau County Depart of Health.

We will be available to answer your questions and discuss your concerns by phone, email, or video-conference. As you know, our phone number is 516-822-7866 and our e-mail address is

The Courts have restricted access to the court houses. As a result, trials and court appearances will be delayed and postponed. If you have been notified of an upcoming trial, deposition, mediation, arbitration, or other court appearance, it is likely that it will be adjourned. Please follow these instructions:

1. Depositions & Hearings:

If you have a hearing or deposition scheduled for March or April, your hearing or deposition is likely to be adjourned to May or June. We will notify you of the new date. Please call two (2) days before your scheduled date to check if your matter has been adjourned.

2. Physical Examinations:

If you have a physical examination scheduled with an insurance or defense doctor, please call the doctor’s office the day before the exam and the day of the exam, before you go, to find out whether it is going ahead. The doctor’s office may have last minute changes.

3. Court Appearances: Conferences, Court Mediation & Jury Trials

Your court appearance will in all likelihood be adjourned to May or June by the Court. We will notify you of all new dates on your case. If you do not hear from us, before the court date, please call us the day before for further instructions before you go to any court house.

4. Health/Medical Care:

You should continue with your health/medical care treatment as you and your doctor determine is necessary. Please be sure to follow your doctors’ advice.

5. Real Estate Transactions/Closings:

If you have a scheduled closing, we are consulting with all parties to determine if the closing will be able to go forward as scheduled. We are exploring the possibility of closing “virtually” or in some other way to avoid unnecessary meetings/exposure. Real estate transactions may be delayed; if you have a mortgage commitment, consult with your lender about extending the commitment as necessary. Please ensure that all of your insurances/utilities remain in full force and effect.

6. Estate Planning/Wills, etc….:

We will continue to consult and draft instruments. The final execution of the documents, which is usually done in-person will have to be scheduled when it’s safe for all concerned.

You should avoid traveling by public transportation to our office and instead mail or email papers to us. We have a secure portal that can be used to upload documents. Just let us know that you want to do this and we’ll send you instructions.

We are all in this together. Stay healthy and please protect yourself, your family and friends by following the recommendations of New York City, New York State, Nassau & Suffolk Counties and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Remember to call your doctor, if you have any health care concerns. We are committed to continuing to serve you and help you and your families.

Best Wishes, Good Luck and Good Health to us all and our friends and family.

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